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We STILL mourn the death of Habitat's Co-Founder,   Millard Fuller.

Fuller Photo
He has done so much for so many, an extraordinary individual!
Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Linda, Co-Founder of Habitat.

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The Fuller Center for Housing is the new organization he founded:
where there are links to the media coverage of Millard Fuller's death.
and a message from the Fuller family

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Below are excerpts of Millard Fuller's speech, given in the summer of 2004 at Ocean City, NJ.
The sections are:
Millard’s June 2004 events  •  Then making it personal  •  His history  •  Another advocate’s history  •  And a subsequent blossoming of faith  •  Closed with a challenge

Millard Fuller spoke at the Tabernacle in Ocean City, New Jersey, June 2004

When introduced to us, Millard Fuller unfolded himself from his seat on the podium, continuing upward and even more upward. He towered, tall and slim, and casually approached the podium as though he’d done this a thousand times before (he had!), but glad to be here, happy to address us. He opened his mouth, a smile lit up his face, and stayed there throughout. With a slight southern lilt to his voice, he engaged us for half an hour.

I couldn’t believe that THE Millard Fuller, creator of Habitat for Humanity was actually here. But I’d seen no huge banners spanning the boardwalk, no brass band. Had I not looked over at the small notice in the corner bookstore window, I would have completely missed him. The Ocean City, New Jersey Shore, Tabernacle has two services each Sunday during the summer, and I was there for the early one, the end of June of 2004. The audience was residents, summer vacationers, and me.  Millard spoke again at the second service, and this one was recorded. We have that CD at the office to loan out, so you can listen to the entire speech.

Fuller-Dauria Photo
Millard Fuller and Barbara Dauria, after
his presentation, June 2004

Quote marks show where I lifted exact words. Otherwise I summarized.  If anyone finds I have made any errors, please let me know and I will immediately correct them. B Dauria

The sections are:
Millard’s June 2004 events
Then making it personal
His history
Another advocate’s history
And a subsequent blossoming of faith
Closed with a challenge

Excerpts from the FULLER SPEECH  June 2004

He read scripture, thanked us for the opportunity to speak to us.

And explained how this June had gone for him.
“This has been one of the most remarkable months of our lives.”

It started in Charlotte North Carolina at the annual board meeting where he learned:
“Habitat International is now active in 89 countries, 3700 cities, has built 150,000 houses for 750,000 people, and this year (2004) another 21,600 will be built.” Millard said, “That’s a new house for another needy family every 26 minutes, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!
            Every 26 minutes another family moves in to a good place to live, and keys are given, and a bible is presented, and people know that out of motivation of God’s love their lives have improved.” (NOTE: We’re currently (2009) at 300,000 houses, 1.5 million people, over 3000 communities, over 90 countries - http://www.habitat.org/how/factsheet.aspx)

Then he and Linda dedicated “Our Global Village” in Americas Georgia. He invited us to visit the 6 ½ acre tract as a microcosm of: “. . . all the work we do around the world, including slums – you walk through the slums, then you walk out of the slums into Africa, Asia and South America, giving an idea of the kind of work this ministry is doing.”
 HFH GLobal Village Ph2HFH Global Village Ph1

Then they went to Anniston Alabama to launch the annual Jimmy Carter work project. He told us, “Jimmy Carter has worked with us every year since 1984, this (2004) was the 20th year. In 3 cities, with 4,000 volunteers, in 5 days we built 92 houses, and all the families have moved in. . . ”

Then he and Linda flew to Eastern Europe, visiting work in Hungry, Romania, Armenia, and Poland.

He then made it personal:
“It’s so exciting to see what is happening there (Romania). Last Sat. we dedicated that milestone 150,000 house. “In that house will be living the Baco family.” Millard Fuller pulled a photograph from his lapel. He held it high, turned and looked at it himself, then proceeded…”This is little 4 year old David who is going to live in that house. And David, and his 4 brothers and sisters and mother and father, have been living in a house that’s full of mold, and its leaking and falling down, and the children are perpetually sick. Little David will no longer be sick because we put him in a good house with no mold, and good and lots of light, and clean and decent.”

“We are determined to be a significant part of bringing a better life to the people. . . we try to be reconcilers wherever we work in the world.”

Millard was constantly impressed with the large numbers of people, young and old who attended events overseas because they are enthusiastic about Habitat, what Millard described “This new frontier, this Creative new way to spread God’s love and to share gods love with people in the world.”
            “You know the Christian religion that we profess is a very practical religion.“ Jesus never said the first and great commandment is this, ‘Thou shall go to church’. . . . The bible says things like ‘Invite strangers in.’ . . . Coming together . . . is very important, but that’s the beginning of our expression of faith this is not the end all. . .  If we only come to church and that’s it, of what use are we out in the world? The bible tells us to be salt. to be a presence in the world that makes a difference, like salt makes a difference in food.  We are to go out from here. . . And that’s what we seek to do in Habitat for Humanity. To be a presence in the world; to go out and express God’s love.”

He gave us his history:
“I grew up in Americas Georgia. Jimmy Carter was my Sunday School teacher. When I went off to college a new friend and I decided to become business partners. We didn’t know what we were going to do, . . . Our mission statement (We’d heard they should be simple so it could easily be remembered): ‘To get rich.’
“I wanted to be a success in the classical sense, making money. . . . “
“In church I’d heard it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to get into heaven,” Millard said and then paused, and smiled  . . . “but I didn’t mind a challenge.”

“Our first enterprise was selling Mistletoe, we wanted to find something we could get for free and sell for a price. We sent brochures up north, offering to sell southern mistletoe. We got orders for 2000 lbs. But when we went out to collect it we found it was higher in the trees than we remembered. So we got cane poles to knock it down. We found it was more tenacious than we’d remembered, so we got shotguns to shoot it down. But it was more porous than we thought, so the shots went right through it. After we’d worked all day, we’d gotten a 2 foot mound of mistletoe; we went and weighed it, and it weighed one pound! That first attempt was a big failure; but we learned we could get orders through the mail, we just had the wrong product! And later we sold holly wreaths, door mats, birthday cake service, desk blotters. By the time I graduated from college we were making $50,000 a year, and I wondered if we should bother to graduate. We invested in real estate. We sold tractor cushions to the Future Farmers of America, with tractors as prizes, that was for the boys. Then we decided we needed something for the girls, so we sold cookbooks (to Future homemakers of America) by the millions and made lot of money. In the process I became totally committed to personal wealth.

“I’d married Linda when I was a Senior in law school. I adored her, I dreamed of a loving close family, we had two children. I ensconshed her in a beautiful house with a Lincoln Continental to drive, 2000 acres of land, horses, cattle, speed boat, cabin on the lake, servants to take care of the kids and everything. She had everything a young woman could want, but no husband. I was always gone. I was never there. So the inevitable happened, we grew apart. Linda went away to New York where she new a minister she respected for help and counseling. Eventually she agreed to see me. Out of a very painful situation we were reconciled. . . .We decided to divest ourselves of our wealth and ask God to guide us into a life of Christian service. We had no idea what that would be.

“And God lead us to Koinonia farm, an integrated Christian community in the heart of the deep south. Americus, Georgia. (http://www.koinoniapartners.org) We planned to stay 2 hours, and stayed 2 months. Clarence Jordan introduced us to a Jesus we did not know. . .
            We end up with a Jesus who is far removed from the biblical Jesus. He showed us the authentic Jesus who taught us to love everybody, love people of a different race, love even your enemies, do good to those who persecute you. . . He had a profound impact on us. . . With him and a small group we built one house for one family in need, and from there the ministry of Habitat for Humanity began to take off. Slowly at first, but then over a period of time, with increasing speed. ---- until today - - - 3700 cities, 89 countries, we build a house every 26 minutes.

 “By the year 2005 we will have housed a million people. And we expect to double that number within 6 years.

“I think it is a movement of God’s spirit that is sweeping across the land and around the world in an amazing way. . . A new frontier in Christian missions, a creative and new way to share the gospel in a practical way, of putting it in terms that people can see so its incarnated.” 

Another history of dedication to Habitat:
"When we were in Hungary we met a woman there that we had been wanting to know for  many years.
            The story begins with Armond Hect from Alberta Canda, a successful journalist traveling in Mexico heard about Habitat for Humanity and got interested. . .  He went around to all the churches in Alberta Canada and started a chapter up there. After a couple of years he wanted to learn of the bigger picture so he traveled to Americas Georgia. There he found out that in the country of Hungary work wasn’t going well. He said, ‘send me.’ He went over there and, I’m telling you, Armond Hect is a take no prisioners kind of guy. And this rough talking German – he roughed them up. So much so that I started getting all kinds of letters, 'Who is this guy that you sent over here. Would you please send him back.' and today we have a dynamic program in Hungary, largely because of that man.
Late in the 50’s he discovered he had cancer, and while he became too weak to work as he had for Habitat, confined to his home, he got on the internet and promoted Habitat. In that process he got in touch with Elana Latinovia in Tomps Siberia, and they wrote back and forth.

And subsequent blossoming of faith:
“When Eleana found out Habitat was a Christian program she was not happy, she was an athiest. She told Armond, 'You are trying to trick me to Christianity! I have no interest in Christianity whatsoever!'
            And he explained that, 'No,' that was not the intention of Habitat for Humanity at all, 'that's just who we are,' he said. Finally they got over that rough spot in their relationship, and Eleana said, ‘I have to see this.’ And so Armond, from his sick bed made arrangements for Eleana to visit a site in Bucharest, Hungary. She didn’t have any money, so she went to a bank and borrowed it. She rode on the train for two days, then took a flight to Bucharest, Hungary. and connected with a work group from Omaha, Nebraska.
            Her family ridiculed her for going. They said ‘You stupid woman. You are working for people you don’t know and you’ll never see again.’ But she responded, ‘Somehow I feel I need to go.’

“The people from the work group in Nebraska found out that she didn’t have any money. So on her 40th birthday they presented her the money to pay the bank loan. She dissolved in tears. She had never experienced that kind of love… She went back to Siberia a changed woman.

“She wrote to Armond Heck, and she said, ‘I know you’re death is approaching, but before you die I want to tell you two things.
First: I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to start Habitat for Humanity in Siberia.
And second: Armond, I want you to know that I have decided to become a Christian.’
            (Millard took a long pause here to contain his emotion. About 5 seconds – count them out!) . . .
‘I will be baptized at Easter.’
And last Easter she was baptized and wrote the most moving story of her baptism.
And since then she’s been on three more work projects. And Habitat is starting in Siberia.
When we met her last week she had a cross around her neck.
             (Another 5 sec pause, voice cracks)
And she is totally on fire for Jesus!

He closed with a challenge:
"Mathew 28 says:
‘Proclaim the gospel!’ One way to do it is by talkin’ about it, another way to do it is by letting your light so shine that others see your good work and they end up glorifying our father who is in heaven, Amen.' ”

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